Reviews & Awards

11/2015 “Jim provided UX best practice expertise…led discussions daily with business partners, project managers, development, QA and process engineers to vet designs and ensure consistency… [we] would gladly welcome him back.” – Lester Killiam, Bank of America, 11/11/2015
5/2014 “Working with Jim was an amazing experience. He has the unique ability to think innovatively and analytically while keeping business needs in mind… he has done a superb job for Johnson & Johnson North America.” – Gurmeet Singh, Accenture (offshore), 5/2/2014
8/2013 Awarded 2500 performance points (normally issued in amounts of 25, 50 or 100) for “delivering excellence” and “tremendous dedication and sacrifice” in designing Covered California – Keith Ketcher, Accenture, 10/18/2013
8/2011 “Jim did a commendable job, delivering excellent quality to the client. The wireframes and prototype are of high quality and have won a lot of client appreciation.” – Accenture client manager, 8/23/2011
2008-16 Accenture kudos: "You did an amazing job" (client). "Jim has done an EXCELLENT job!" (senior exec). "This is great work" (colleague). "The techies taking this work to the next stage are very impressed" (client). "You design continues to wow people" (colleague).
2/2009 "The Quadricentennial pages for the website are wonderful. You did a really great job. They are beautiful!" - Ann Kuzmik, City of Newburgh, 2/5/2009
6/2008 "I'm sorry to see you go. You have been fantastic on this job with these clients, and I applaud you for all your work. We would be nowhere without you." - Jessica Perry Marlowe, Publicis Modem, 6/23/2008
3/2008 "Speaking of being obsessed with usability, I just looked at your site []. Very crisp and elegant. Great use of small images in the layout. And very impressive quotes, reviews and awards." - Joy Zigo, board member, Usability Professionals Association, New York chapter, 3/13/2008
3/2008 "Jim has the most disarming demeanor I have come across yet in consulting. He is just a terrific listener! His mind was born to pick up on subtleties of spoken and inferred dialog to extrapolate and clearly articulate their essence in easily sharable ways." - David Rogers (supervisor), BusinessEdge Solutions, 3/7/2008
2/2008 "VERY GOOD output. The deliverables are of HIGH QUALITY. You delivered ON TIME. You delivered WITHIN BUDGET...very know your stuff." - Gregg Guthrie (client), Wyeth, 2/27/2008
7/2007 "Jim's contributions far exceeded his role. He provided valuable feedback on user interface and product design. Jim has the unique ability to place himself in the role of the customer in all aspects of his work. Jim would be an asset to any organization." - Barry Weinstein, Mobius Management Systems, 7/5/2007
7/2007 "Jim quickly grasps complex specifications and provides valuable input to the Development and QA groups. He cares about product quality and usability, and he quickly connects the technical specs to UI implications. Jim is dedicated and very easy to work with." - Chris Tufano, QA Director, Mobius, 7/2/2007
4/2007 "Jim's work for his Habitat affiliate site stood out in its simplicity of design, ease of use, and ability to convey the mission of HFH." Chuck Dean, board member, Old Colony Habitat chapter (Mass), 4/17/2007
6/2006 "Jim Hoekema offers a unique combination of knowing how to write good marketing copy and making it look graphically pleasing... He stands behind his estimates.... Jim helped craft our marketing message into something concise, convincing and persuasive... He has a combination we couldn't find anywhere else." [View entire letter] - Ryan Cornell, 6/28/2006
1/2006 World Monuments Foundation cited the quality of the DRC Restoration website as a factor in placing the building on the world's "100 Most Endangered Sites."
8/2005 Comments on the City of Newburgh website:
"You have done a fantastic job." - Ann Kuzmik, Press Officer, City of Newburgh, 8/17/2005
"I cannot tell you how proud I am to to send people to these FABULOUS pages for information." - Elizabeth McKean, Website Project Manager, City of Newburgh, 8/24/2005
3/2004 "Jim Hoekema took a concept and, with very little guidance, created a website for the IT department on training, career planning, and recognition. Jim's work was imaginative, thoughtful and thorough. It was a pleasure working with him." — Martha Monroe, Strategy & Planning Manager, Pepsi Bottling Group, Somers NY
11/2003 "One of the finest designers I've ever encountered." - Marcia Watson, Capital Group, Los Angeles.
3/2003    "I have always regarded your UI design and technology expertise as absolute top in our company." - John de Vet, Manager User Interface Technology, Philips Consumer Electronics (Eindhoven), 3/19/03
3/2003 "Your work on the Functional Requirements for Digital TV has brought changes to all Philips specifications for TVs." - Koos Boer, Philips Consumer Electronics, 3/16/03
1/2003   "Jim inspired his team members to do more than they thought they could. He not only worked hard, but he made others feel empowered." [See entire letter] - Prof. John Zimmerman, Carnegie-Mellon University (formerly Philips)
2001 Functional specifications for upmarket television "set a new standard" in Philips.
2000 "Jim delicately balances focus and direction with risk-taking and creativity, evoking from himself and others better ideas, better results." [see entire letter] - Jennifer Buhman (former staff member).
1996 CD-Online given "outstanding contribution" award at MILIA, Cannes (France).
1994 "Kursbuch Gesuündheit" (German health handbook, for which I was executive producer) won an "Emma" (European multimedia award).
1992 "National Geographic: Rain Forest" won the Silver award, Infocomm, Los Angeles.
Treasures Of The Smithsonian won a "Muse Award" from the American Association of Museums, "Best Interactive Design" at the New York Festivals, and juried exhibition at SIGGRAPH.

And from another life, as a book editor:
"Most of your comments on the [New Directions in American Architecture] were wonderful -- you can edit me any time you want!" — Robert A. M. Stern, Principal, Robert A. M. Stern Architects
"Jim an outstanding editor... a fine stylist ... did a superb job on the manuscript... did everything possible." — Prof. M. Perloff, Professor of English, University of Southern California [See complete letter]