Letter of Recommendation

John Zimmerman

Associate Professor, Carnegie-Mellon University

23 January 2003

To Whom It May Concern:

When Jim Hoekema asked me to write him a letter of reference, I was delighted to say yes. Jim recruited me to Philips Electronics, where I worked both for him and then with him as a colleague for four years.

Jim is a consummate professional with a tremendous ability to manage multiple and often conflicting agendas. He possesses a keen sense of organizational behavior, which allows him to secure the resources he needs to complete a project successfully. He also excels in a multidisciplinary environment, able to coordinate and optimize the efforts of designers, engineers and managers.

I learned a great deal from Jim when I worked for him on the development of a global TV user interface standard. I was impressed by his ability to shift context back and forth from an American to a global perspective. I was also amazed at his ability to coordinate the efforts of designers in the US and the Netherlands, product managers in Belgium, and software engineers in India. He made it all look easy.

Jim inspired his team members to do more than they thought they could. He not only worked hard, but he made others feel empowered, increasing their motivation and effort on the project.

Overall, Jim is a wonderful manager and colleague. He understands and supports user interface design and can communicate its value to both developers and managers. And I am happy to recommend him.

Yours truly,

John Zimmerman
Assistant Professor
Human-Computer Interaction Institute
5000 Forbes Avenue
Carnegie-Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

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