Letter of Recommendation

Marjorie Perloff

University of Southern California

To whom it may concern:

James Hoekema as served, for the past six months, as my editor at George Braziller. We have worked closely together getting the typescript ready for pubication, and it is now in galleys.

I cannot praise Mr. Hoekema enough. When he was originally assigned to me, I was somewhat skeptical, since Jim's field is art history rather than poetry, and my book is on Frank O'Hara's poetry. However, Jim quickly assimilated the relevant material, and his editing job has been meticulous, careful, discriminating, tactful. He made very helpful suggestions about revision. At every stage of the game, he suggested improvements for the sake of clarity, brevity, or just for a more "elegant" style.

As a copy-editor, Jim was remakable. He caught every error, figured out what should go where, condensed or altered footnotes, suggested additions or deletions -- in short, he did a superb job on the manuscript even before it was sent out for the actual copy-editing. He was wonderful about assembling the figures and typing legends; he contacted museums and galleries. He did everything possible.

Most important, as the link between author and publisher, Jim was wonderful. He kept me fully informed of all proceedings, phoned every time there was a question about a certain passage, an additional footnote, and so on. He was gracious, patient, thoughtful. Personally, he is charming and seems to get along well with everyone.

I would say that Jim Hoekema, as a relative beginner, is an outstanding editor. I've worked with other editors and found none as helpful and discerning as he is. He is a fine stylist, and any change in a given sentence or paragraph is likely to be an improvement. He workd very hard on my Bibliographical Note, reorganizing it and getting it into suitable format. That was a job! In fact, the whole book was a big job.

Jim deserves the best; he's going to be an oustanding editor. I recommend him with great pleasure.

Marjorie Perloff

Florence Scott Professor of English
University of Southern California
Los Angeles, CA 90007