Letter of Recommendation

Ryan Cornell

President, Cornell Associates, Newburgh NY

From: Ryan S. M. Cornell [mailto:rcornell@cornellassociates.com]
Sent: Wednesday, June 28, 2006 12:52 PM
To: 'jim@hoekema.com'
Subject: RE: Site update

I would absolutely recommend Jim Hoekema. He did a fabulous job for us. We're more than pleased with the work he did.

What impressed us most was that he offers what we found to be a unique combination of knowing how to write good marketing copy and making it look graphically pleasing. Many other marketing people we considered were either good at composing copy and organizing our information OR good at graphical design and website creating. Jim offers a balanced blend of both.

He's easy to work with. He's reasonably priced. He's fair. He stands behind his estimates to make sure the project finishes within budget and makes sure we don't get off-track. That's especially valuable. He can give you a number for a project and stick to it.

Another thing that has been valuable to us is that the site still serves our needs today, even though it's been a few years since Jim did the initial work. We've made a few tiny changes over the years (and Jim was reasonable about change costs). But, the basic site he created for us allowed us to grow and only make minor changes to the site, without having to repeatedly revamp the site, to accommodate our needs.

Jim has a good business sense. He understands that a website is not just converting our printed material into a website. He understood that our business has a message, and he helped us craft our marketing message to explain how our services are unique and superior to our competitors.

Many of the website designers we interviewed were great at programming a website with fancy bells and whistles. But, they didn't have any graphical sense or artistic sense to make the site look professional and easy to navigate. Others were okay at writing copy, but their sites were beyond boring and looked like do-it-yourself, weekend jobs. Jim offered a combination of all the skills required, a combination we simply couldn't find anywhere else.

Jim helped us to craft our marketing message into something concise, convincing and persuasive - from what was a long list of disorganized and separate ideas and unpolished and incomplete pitches we had come to use over the years.