Letter of Recommendation

Jennifer Buhman

University of Tennessee

To whom it may concern:

I have worked with Jim Hoekema for almost four years, in two locations (Tennessee and New York), and in three different relationships (first as colleagues, then as staff to manager and finally as colleagues again). In all the time I have known Jim, I have found him a pleasure and privilege to work with. An intelligent, thoughtful, and well-rounded person, Jim is able to bring a unique and effective perspective to the table, regardless of the topic.

I knew Jim first by reputation. A beleaguered team of engineers, responsible for designing a new product's user interface, hired Jim to help frame and focus their work. The result was a detailed and comprehensive definition of behaviors. But Jim not only contributed ideas, he actually (and competently) wrote the document specifying those behaviors. Thus my early impression of Jim, later confirmed when we worked together more closely, was of someone who understands the larger view, but is also able to see forward and through to the details.

When Philips transferred our group to New York, Jim was one of only two consultants whom the company hired and moved; this alone speaks to the high regard in which Jim's supervisors held him. Jim's first assignment as my manager was to hire a team of designers and writers. His excellent judge of personality and potential served him remarkably well: his capable and productive design team was well regarded both by our own engineering staff and by our partners overseas.

As its manager, Jim was an integral part of and a capable leader of our team. His patience and persistence in thoroughly researching and documenting our design and project limitations; his flexibility in the face of changing standards; his intellectual honesty and tenacity; and his ability to offer beneficial criticism based on his extensive education and experience, became our mortar. Furthermore, Jim delicately balances focus and direction with risk-taking and creativity, evoking from himself and others better ideas, better results.

Over the years, my esteem for Jim has only increased. Personally, he is smart, engaging, cultured, and sympathetic. He adds insight and humor to any gathering, an irresistible charm and warmth to any conversation. These qualities, in Jim's professional interactions, become resourcefulness and depth, acumen and agility.

I am delighted to recommend Jim Hoekema; indeed, I hope I have the opportunity to work with him again myself.


Jennifer Buhman

Special Projects Coordinator
Social Work Office of Research & Public Service
319 Hensen Hall
University of Tennessee
Knoxville TN 37996

October 15, 2000