Central Park Cover

Book Review: Central Park

This is a book review (pdf) of the re-issue of the first book on Central Park, written by Clarence Cook (in the Downing circle) and published in 1869. The new edition has an insightful introduction by Maureen Meister. My review was published the Hudson River Valley Review (Marist College), 36:1 (Autumn 2019).

Jim in shack

Memoir: "My Quest to be Cool"

This is a short autobiographical piece (pdf) I wrote as part of a memoir-writing workshop with memorist-novelist Danielle Trussoni. It's about my adolescent attempt to separate from my family by learning to be "cool" (2020).

painting a fence

The Tom Sawyer Protocol

This was a human-interest story published in a local paper (2004) about how a group of volunteers managed to persuade a few neighbor kids to help paint the picket fence in front of the old Dutch Reformed Church.

style guide detail

A Manual of Style for Interactive Media

This was a 23-page Style Manual for Interactive Media, including Structure & Navigation, Interaction Design, Presentation Design, Standard Ingredients, and Writing Style. I think it holds up pretty well for 1991. Some current apps and websites could do worse than follow these guidelines.

architectural drawing

Artforum - Architectural Drawings

A critical review of two exhibitions of architectural drawings, at the Cooper-Hewitt Museum and the Drawing Center in New York, published in Artforum magazine in 1977.