Information Architecture

The following artifacts document the analysis and concept development phase of interaction design, including "wireframes" (screen sketches) of various levels of fidelity, flowcharts and proposal documents. Some documents have been scrubbed of client names or products. Except where noted, all represent my direct individual work output.

  Pharma Sourcing Intranet  

Intranet Site

One frame from a set of high-fidelity wireframes created as a specification for the re-design of the Strategic Sourcing intranet site at a global pharmaceutical company.

  Pyschiatric Assessment  

Pyschiatric Assessment Tool

Screen from a set of medium-fidelity wireframes for a proposal on remote psychiatric testing. Interactive versions of standard tests capture handwritten notes as doctors interview patients via video conference.

  PBG wireframe  

Consumer Packaged Goods

A pair of wireframes and a flowchart for a public website on employee benefits for a consumer beverage company. On a team of three designers, we created precise wireframes and then authored the pages in HTML with CSS and Javascript. Art direction was provided by a consultant.

  DTV Menu Map  

Other Design Documents