Interaction Design

  AOL UI design  

AOL Client Software Design

A set of detailed UI design and editorial improvements (excerpt, pdf) commissioned by AOL for the next (now current) versions of the AOL browser, mail client, and Instant Messenger (2007).


Business Archiving Software (Windows)

At Mobius, UI design improvements enhanced software for enterprise spreadsheet control, based on heuristic reviews and contextual research. The UI style guidelines applied to all Mobius products.

  DTV menu  

Digital Television Platform

At Philips Electronics, my UI team designed on-screen displays for the first Philips digital TVs, incorporating prior concepts, conflicting standards, and worldwide locations in a new global platform.


Consumer Interactive Multimedia

At Philips Media, we designed some great work for a short-lived consumer multimedia format known as Compact Disc Interactive, supported by Philips and Sony until 1996. The first completed non-nonfiction title in the CD-I format, "Treasures of the Smithsonian" was the most demonstrated program during the format's brief life. [More on 'Treasures.'] The "Guide to Lisbon" helped elect the mayor of Lisbon and the president of Portugal.

  Art Game
Art Game

Art Game

Designed with Charles and Ray Eames for IBM, this early interactive consumer product prototype taught viewers to recognize the work of six Impressionist and Post-Impressionist painters. The game used overlapping pools of randomly selected images. After guessing an attribution, players get feedback offering reinforcement or hints to improve recognition on the next random selection. This structure required a complex writing task to compose feedback that makes equal sense, for example, when viewers incorrectly say a work is by Monet or correctly say it is not by Renoir.

As the game progresses, wrongly attributed works return to the pool and reappear, while correctly identified paintings are saved for review. Over time, users build a working ability to recognize work by the painter they are studying — without first having to learn the specialized vocabulary of art criticism.

For a detailed account, see “Art Game: An Early Interactive Design from the Office of Charles and Ray Eames,” ACM Interactions, May-June 2017, pp. 27-35

You can also hear me show and describe the project at the Interaction 18 conference in Lyon in Feb 2018. (Scroll down about 10 lines to the "Art Game")