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Hoekema Design & Editorial (HDE) is the consulting business of Jim Hoekema, an interaction designer, information architect, writer and editor.

The content here generally predates 2008, when I put my consulting business on the back burner and took a full-time position at Accenture, in a group known as the User Experience Group, then Accenture Experience Agency, and finally Fjord. In March 2016, I stepped down from that role.

During my eight years with Accenture, I had the pleasure of working on 33 client projects, traveling to 20 cities, and designing for a variety of industries and platforms (including web, mobile, kiosk & car). Most of those projects were proprietary, but a selection of scrubbed remnants are in the "portfolio" PDF (right).

Jim at IXDA

Meanwile, if you have 35 minutes, catch my talk about my first project at the Office of Charles and Ray Eames back in 1977-78, given at the Interaction 18 conference in Lyon in Feb 2018. (Scroll down about 10 lines to the "Art Game")

Career: In one capacity or another, I have provided interactive design, information architecture and usability services for:

  • Large corporations such as Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, Philips, IBM, AT&T, LG, Pepsi, Caterpillar, Halliburton, Visa, Bose, Merck, Johnson & Johnson, Takeda, Duke Energy, Exelon, Comcast, Rogers Telecom, and others.
  • Major nonprofits such as the Smithsonian Institution, National Geographic, National Park Service, Educational Testing Service, the Getty Institute, and the Museum of Modern Art.
  • Small businesses (recruiting firm, bed & breakfast, two real-estate firms, law firm, visual artist, bindery)
  • Smaller nonprofits (Habitat for Humanity, Newburgh Preservation Association, Dutch Reformed Church Restoration Committee)
  • Government (Newburgh NY, Toronto, California, Massachusetts).

Summary of skills and services:
  Information Architecture   Interactive Design
• Contextual research, needs analysis • Web, intranet, mobile
• User personas, scenarios • Wireframes & prototyping
• Content strategy • HTML, CSS, JavaScript
• Usability testing & analysis • Axure, Dreamweaver
  Other Design   Writing & Editorial
• User-interface design • Writing for the web
• Visual & icon design • Specifications
• Heuristic analysis • Copy writing
  Production   Communication
• Proposals, Budgets, Schedules • Consensus facilitation
• Project Management • Public presentations
• Audio & video production • Clear, concise explanation

By the way, sorry about the appallingly outdated, frames-based site design. Maybe one of these days I'll switch to a more fashionable mobile-first design with text in girant all-caps & centered over desaturated photos, with parallax scrolling, etc. Will take care of this as soon as I have nothing better to do.

For more information, email me at: jim at hoekema dot com

Updated: 03-May-2018


Eames Art Game Article
ACM Interactions June 2017


Portfolio of Recent Work (pdf)

Web Design

Pysch Testing Wireframe
Information Architecture

AOL UI work
Interaction Design

  "Painting the new picket fence was billed as a 'Tom Sawyer' party, and that's just how it happened..."


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