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This was the professional website for my consulting business, Hoekema Design & Editorial (HDE) also known earlier as Hoekema Interactive.

But now that I am retired from a 40-year career in interactive design and heading out the door, I thought I would clean up the site, remove the marketing messages, and prune the project work down to a few favorites (see 'Design'). I've also chucked some of the technology writing - who wants to hear about the virtues of ancient technologies like videodisc and CD-I that have now vanished from the earth. Instead, I've add a couple of more personal or at least non-technical pieces of writing, just 'cause I like them.

I'll be adding more content in the near future, more on the personal than the professional side. People, places, things - that sort of stuff. - Jim Hoekema


Jim at IXDA

Without leaving the professional side behind completely, I invite you to view a talk about my very first interactive design project, which I led at the Office of Charles and Ray Eames in 1977-78. This long-secret deisign is described in a talk at the Interaction 18 conference in Lyon in Feb 2018 (35 minutes).

For more information, email me at: jim at hoekema dot com

Updated: 15-October-2020