Jim Oct 2020
Photo by Brian Wolfe (9 Oct 2020 at Crawford House, Newburgh).

Welcome to what was the professional website for my consulting business, Hoekema Design & Editorial (HDE) also known as Hoekema Interactive.

Now that I am retired from a 40-year career in interactive design (who thought that was even possible?), and heading for the exit, I thought I would clean up the site, remove marketing messages, prune project work to a few favorites, and add more personal content.

On the writing front, I have a trove of stirring essays on the bright future of interactive videodisc and the CD-I platform. But these technologies have vanished into obsolesence, so I figured we could skip those gems.

So here's what you will find here:

  • Designs - just the most interesing ones, at least to me.
  • Writing - a mix of technical and more general-interest pieces, including a raft of holiday letters.
  • Career - an excruciating account of my bizarre work history.
  • Homes - the many places where I've lived.
  • Families - my origin family plus marriages, relationships and such.
  • Colin - a remembrance of my late son.
  • Drawings - some feeble but earnest efforts over the years.

So, what's with this "All About Me" stuff, you may ask - is this some kind of vanity site? Well, yes, I suppose it is. Corrections to the record will be accepted. But otherwise, in the words of Steely Dan, sue me if I get it wrong.

- Jim Hoekema


Jim at IXDA

It turns out that the first and last significant events of my career are related! Here is a video of a 35-minute talk I gave at the Interaction 18 conference in Lyon in Feb 2018. The talk describes my very first interactive design project, which I led at the Office of Charles and Ray Eames in 1977-78. It's an interesting story, if I do say so myself.

For protestations and complaints, email me at: jim at hoekema dot com

Updated 7 Nov 2020